A thought on guild leadership style……

A thought on guild leadership style......

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Coming Back to Wow

Good lord, 7 months can pass quickly, can’t it?

Hell, someone had even stolen the password to this blog, much to my amusement. I’ve come back to wow and obviously almost everyone has moved on. So it’ll be time to rebuild and all that kinda thing, but not quite yet. Summer is a bad time to get going, the world cup is even worse and the final tier….sheesh…triple whammy but it’ll be fun, wow always is.


Best of luck to the guilds who spawned from my leftovers, and as always people are welcome to rejoin me, but I have no plans to ask anyone who is currently settled anywhere. They’d only say no. 😀

I’m going to have some WoD alpha/beta stuff with a bit of luck over the next few weeks. Until then – stay tuned and take care!








A screenie of new Nagrand, taken by Feangren, and put on here with his kind permission.

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Immerseus Siege of Orgrimmar PTR 10 man Guide

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So, You Recruited Someone With Better Progression….?

It’s an old story.

A guy (or gal) comes in from a much better progressed but now failed guild. He’s a great guy, funny, smart and gets along with everyone (that matters, such as raid leaders and so on) and he’s got ideas. Many, many ideas.

“In Progressionotron my old world 400 guild…” he’ll say…… “we used to do things this way, and that way. If you change your raid times to x, y and z and your gbank policy to a, b and c you can get similar results to my old guilds!”

It’s very, very difficult not to listen to this guy. He is, after all, more progressed that you are. Maybe he has a history of progression far beyond what your guild has been capable of in the past and you figure, what the hell, lets make the changes he advocates. So, you start to make the changes he thinks will bring your guys success and glory. At the same time, you start to lose players, because the guys you have are right for the guild you had before you started changing into the new guys vision of what a guild should be and the new guild doesn’t fit their preferences. You also start to gain players, as the progression is attractive. At this point your old guild is dead on it’s feet but the new one isn’t fully functional yet and there is usually lots of drama at this point.

In no time at all you have implemented all the changes new guy suggests, and you do indeed get the same results as he had in his own guild. But that’s not progression, no. The result this guy creates is (usually) a failed guild. There is a reason he’s in your guild, and that’s because he’s a failure, not because he’s a success. If you have decent pattern recognition skills and don’t have stars in your eyes from the thought of more progress you’ll notice this. Check that guild history. Whether that failure comes from a guild split, a total transformation of your guild so you don’t recognise it as the place you used to call home or just a total collapse is up in the air, but it will happen. That’s what large scale changes do, especially to settled teams. Maybe you have a long standing policy of fairness which new guy wants to abandon, or you have a relaxed rule structure which he wants replaced with totalitarianism, maybe he will put up with or even encourage racism, dickishness or unpleasant personal qualities as long as the guys with them can play. Could be anything, even the reverse of all those things I just mentioned.

So, if you have a long standing guild which has run a certain way for a long time and you like it, here is what you do with new guys with shiny ideas – ignore them unless they fit with your long standing, already working model.

Stay friendly,


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The Best Thing About Pet Battles….



I await the arrival of The cast of the Pink Panther with glee. 😀

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Lei Shen 10 Man Normal


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Twin Consorts 10 Man Normal

Day night Night day stupid women, go away!

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