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So, You Recruited Someone With Better Progression….?

It’s an old story. A guy (or gal) comes in from a much better progressed but now failed guild. He’s a great guy, funny, smart and gets along with everyone (that matters, such as raid leaders and so on) and … Continue reading

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The Best Thing About Pet Battles….

😀 I await the arrival of The cast of the Pink Panther with glee. 😀

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Wheres Me Daily?

Do de do. Arboreteum is 1 fishing, 1 cooking, 1 archa, 1 first aid. Dawns blossom is where you get the breadcrumb quest for halfhill market (the farm + cooking specialisations) Valley of the 4 winds – halfhill market is … Continue reading

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Saviour Of Azeroth

I’m very happy to report that Debonair has cleared Heroic Dragonsoul. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get here – but especially Necropal and Madamcane for raid leading, Nekie for giving us tips on Madness (1 attempt, 1 kill!) … Continue reading

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And For The Veterans…..

Early beta access. Or earlier beta access. Alright we have to have the annual pass, but at least it’s something. Originally from Blizz – I am participating in the World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion; when do I begin testing? … Continue reading

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We’ve Gone Back To Wrath, Now Come Back To Wow. Scroll of Freebies

Oh my. The new scroll of resurrection is either massively deperate or amazingly clever. Here’s what is on offer – Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) The Scroll of Resurrection is currently on cooldown, but will be … Continue reading

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Back To Wrath Sensibilities

Oh, hello. Been a while since there was anything to report, but soon MoP info will start to leak out and the whole expansion cycle will begin once more…. In the meantime I see blizzard have decided to go back … Continue reading

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