Fangs of The Father – Rogue Legendary Dagger Quests

Obviously not set in stone yet.

Interesting things to note –

You’ll need 10k gold.
And to sit at the PC for 12 hours straight to charge one of the items. (Decoder ring) I am assuming it’s like mana biscuits of healthstones, a DC won’t clear it but 15 minutes offline will.

Some screenies of dagger stats (all WIP obviously, and ty to the people who put them online at MMO champ and wowhead.)

Screenie by Sakuratei from EJ

Stage 1 of the process gets you the above sweet things.

I’ll add more once it’s known (and I find it ofc.)


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Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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