Wow patch 4.3 – Deathwing, Huge bank, Armor Transmogrifying, 3 NEW 5 mans,neuigkeiten-zu-patch-4.3:news,1973912.html

We are here for you at the Gamescom in Cologne and just with Tom Chilton, Lead Game Developer and Chris Robinson, lead art director for an interview, in which there were many new details about patch 4.3. And Blizzard’s announcement that it is a really thick patch does not appear to be exaggerated.

Because with Patch 4.3 we do not expect more than the Deathwing Raid. So we will probably later this year to wrestle with the issue of death and it certainly can expect a truly epic raid experience. The raid, which we had originally expected, the Abyssal Maw was, however, removed from the concept to convince there, Chilton, the setting and the story could not.

Furthermore, this will certainly look forward even more players, there will be three completely new instances. These will include no warm old content, but really completely new and very demanding to be instances. One of them, as far as hinted Chilton will be back in the caves which date back to the player and return it to an old place can be. Ahn’Quiraj is therefore still on the table, it was us but assured that it will act, too, is a completely new design with all-new enemies and bosses.

And now we come to the dream, which many players have stated repeatedly and with patch 4.3 will be finally coming true. And we can now reveal the secret of the three astral in Stormwind. Because the river will keep Transmogrifizieren in World of Warcraft. What’s this? Nothing other than the opportunity to give your current armor the appearance of old armor, while preserving the values. It will be finally introduced the possibility to change the look of our characters. There are some things to consider.

First, we are only able to change armor class of our armor. This means that you can convert only one plate armor plate armor. Furthermore, you will only pieces of armor to choose which of your class are intended. Death knight warriors in armor, it will not work. And finally, is still considering whether the armor pieces that are available for change, must have been earned himself once. That would mean that we will experience a big run on the old instances, because certainly some players then there are farming their dream armor.

The Voidstorage was explained to us. It is a very, very large bank, which put in her ancient armor and thus can keep forever. This is intended to provide in the bank and the player’s inventory for more space. What items can be stored there, how much will it cost a bank specialist there and whether these items then the other characters of the player are available, that will be decided in the coming period.

All in all, there really seems to announce a huge patch. A raid, three completely new instances, optical armor adjustments and still has a lot more to come at us. What do you think? Are you happy with these announcements? What instances would you wish for you and what you think Transmogrifizieren? We are very excited about what you think!

The video of the interview is currently still in the cut and we will inform you immediately of course, if it’s there! Until then, enjoy debate

Fingers crossed…… and apologies for the rough translation.

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