How to : World of Warcraft Raiding – General pt.2

Obeyink ze Orderz – authoritarian raid leading

A lot of wow raids have 1 leader who will sort the tactics out, issues orders and decides which raid to go to. Depending on the level of organisation they might also have people helping them. Larger guilds usually have class leaders (i.e. someone who is kick ass at their class who can help others of the same class out) a healing leader and organiser who sorts out the healing assignments.

One thing about wow is that there are many ways to tackle each encounter and often no perfect way but only one set of tactics can be followed at any one time. Even if there isn’t a leader authorising what goes on, some consensus is going to have to be reached about what course to follow.

Mussolini here plays warlock

It therefore kinda follows that to be a good raid member of one of the more authoritarian approaches to raids you do what you are asked, don’t argue openly about what is going on tacticwise (even if you are right, several voices and several tactics at once can just confuse people as well as arguing not being much fun for anyone.) A smart raid leader will realise not everyone agrees and will leave space for suggestions and comments – usually done in whispers rather in raid chat or over mumble/vent/TS.

Advantages to authoritarian raiding –

1) One set of tactics
2) Clear direction
3) Fast decision making
4) One voice to listen to
5) The game is designed to be tackled in this way. There is an official “raid leader” spot hardwired in for a reason.
6) A good leader can get the best out of people and push them to improve



1) One WRONG set of tactics over and over
2) Disagreements can be put off until they reach a tipping point and people lose their temper, leading to drama
3) Rigidity in sticking to assigned role until told to swap when things go bad
4) Feels like a job, at times. Being told what to do in exchange for a reward……
5) Picking a leader can be a ballache and cause arguments if several folks want the job
6) Personal favourtism over performance can creep in. “Hey, I’ve invited my GF tonight to HC ragnaros. She’s a level 85 frost mage in green gear.” **Yoko** joins the raid.

The gear is green but the hat is epic

Ultimately which sort of raid you attend is up to you, of course. What I will say is that in my experience the more authoritaran approach produces better results in the actual raids i.e. you kill more bosses more often – and causes a lot more grief to go with it outside the raid.

But that’s life – swings and roundabouts.

I'd like to point out that Ian McShane only **looks** like a lunatic dictator


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