Wow Expansion 4?


Interesting, if speculative stuff.

Where would we be going if there is another xpac though?

The emerald dream is one candidate. Druids are blizzards best loved toons, obviously – what with their own zone, two factions, the ability to melee dps, caster dps, heal and tank, the fact that druids are involved in everything lorewise and so on. So an expansion all about druids wouldn’t be out of place, would it?

Then there is the south seas – sargeras’ tomb, the troll islands, the pirates of various stripes are down there – and maybe azhara and scaly chums.

Other possibilities? Something based n the caverns of time would be nice (as long as we weren’t redoing too much old content) or how about some actual world pvp? Wow’s engine is ancient at this point and modern machines can throw it around – surely the days of having to break up TM/SS fights due to technical issues are long gone?

let me know what you think!

And while I am on – Woo Diablo 3!


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2 Responses to Wow Expansion 4?

  1. Maeco says:

    The production slate seems to be a bit unrealistic though, XPack 4 on Q2 of 2012? Yeah… don’t think so 😉

    South Seas and Emerald Dream, both two good candidates, however I will put my wager on that we will face Queen Aszhara as the next expansion boss.

    If you have read the Trilogy: War of the Ancients, you can imagine that she will make a formidable boss with lots of lore to elaborate on and of course more Old God content…

    Until then… waiting for Diablo 3

  2. Siobhan says:

    I agree about the production slate seeming unrealistic. Not just because there will apparently be a new xpac in Q2 of 2012, but but it suggests the 5th xpac will be in Q4 of the same year! Crazy!

    While the Emerald Dream would be amazing to actually explore and for them to expand on lorewise, I think it’s unlikely to happen as the whole “Emerald Nightmare” storyline seems to have been cleared up, though knowing Blizzard they’ll just cannon in something else to work with to send us there….Why waste a zone they’ve already played around with developing eh?

    Queen Azshara sounds likely for the next expansion boss since we’ve had hints about her existance already in this expansion (If I can remember Vash’jir properly). They might even send us in to space again, off to one of the demon homeplanents to finally kill Sargeras for good!

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