Raiding The Firelands – Trash Run 101

First off – love the look of this place, simply incredible visuals. Blizzard have done a fantastic job here, the whole instance really does feel outdoors (in a good way.)

Trash –

Couple of basic kinds –

Molten lords. Giant lava elementals. They do a knockback, aoe and a very nasty stacking debuff on the tank. Tank swap for these guys and fight them away from the edge to save half your raid being flung into the abyss that surrounds firelands.

Note : Molten Lords start the legendary staff quest, for those who want it.

They are about 100 times bigger than this in game. 🙂

Turtles. A pure 100% homage to Super Mario. Hilarious to fight the first time, the little ones spin just like the turtles from mario games and will send the raid flying in every direction (doing about 50k as they hit) but they can be stunned. The larger ones have damage reduction shields. Due to the massive amount of chaos turtles cause if your group is low on stuns we soon stopped fighting these when we could avoid it.

Actual in game footage.

Little spiders – aoe these down.

Medium Spider – nuke these down. They will pick the healers off from ranged so have a tank pick them up.

Large spiders – nuke these down whilst crying about the sky high damage they put out.

Inferno hawks – generally just fly around looking pretty. Give a great buff for casters when engaged.

Scorpions – consisting of one large and many small. The small ones explode when they die. leaving a + damage debuff on anyone near and doing a fair whack of damage. Great for rogues. Kite them around a bit while aoeing, their aggro table is shaky at best anyway.

Truly terrifying : The Scorpions, yesterday.

Pyrelords and minions – more mobs that hate melee. The minions havea debuff that reduces all damage and threat by 90% until the pyrelord makes them into savage firey exploding mobs of doom (10-15k pulse per second within 15 yards). Hit the pyrelord until the minions explode, kill the minions and then res the healers and melee dps.

Corehounds – welcome back AOE fearing, chronic debuffing fire breathing assholes of death. We missed you. No, really. They have a new ability since their days in MC – they eat whoever is highest on the aggro table. Which is nice.

Lava surgers – at this point those of you who raided MC might notice a distinct retro theme, and you’d be right. These guys are xactly the same as they were in MC- apart from looking about 12 million times better.

Packs of Salamaders – 2 casters, 2 melee and a big ‘un. With the casters CC’d these are cake. Without CC they’ll probably outheal your raid. They chuck fire spears around a bit as well, the debuff is a bit meaty so dispels are good.

Do want. 😉

Best way we have found to do trash run is to kill the molten lord near the entrance a little way down the narrow ramp to avoid falling over the side on knockback, take the salamander patrol (might have to wait for it) then the scorpions to open the larger part of the playing field. After that head left, being careful about what you pull until you ae just before Beth’tilac. From there it’s either clear the rest of the field (but careful again too many trash deaths will summon shannox) or reset.


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