Thoughts on the Firelands Dailies (so far)

First of all – Firelands itself is easily the best looking zone in wow right now. They have seriously out done themselves on this place. Rivers of lava? Check. Endless waves of fire based stuff trying to remove your head? Check. Epic locations that look like an Iron Maiden cover? Check. All it’s missing is Saddam Hussein and it’s H E double hockey sticks.

The 13th level of Doom effect really adds flavour, gotta give it that….but ….there is a slight problem. it’s being invaded by druids. And you know what that means?

A Druid, yesterday.

That’s right.

The bunny rabbits need french kissing, the trees need hugging, meat is murder etc and I just don’t care. Let’s face it – savage glowing eyed fire dog = cool. Tree hugging hippie nelf chick who needs her burns tending to after said fire dog has bitten her legs off = lame. So either I am on the wrong side or the dailies better get cooler to keep my interest. Not that it will stop me grinding up the profession stuff or getting my mount. (That’s right, It’s My Mount all I have to do is persuade the vendor to give it back to me.)

There is one cool daily (so far) and that’s the turtle punting one. The turtles need putting back in the water /awwww. Luckily the method you are given is to swiftly kick them in the head until they get there. Slight issues of mob pulling while the “boot” hotbar is up aside, this is great. Completing kicking turtles leads to to a tortilla quests, where you have to fight nemesis, the enemy of mexican food or something. Whatever. Turtles are lame, which is why kicking them in the head is fantastic, firey exploding turtles are still lame. In fact they are “try hard” and lame.

Ninja = cool. Turltes = lame. TMNT = Fun because of that. So no need to tell me that turtles can be cool. Kthanxbye.

Looks like the druids are going to beat ragnaros by ….growing a tree. Riiiight. No doubt if that fails they’ll use chocolate swords and shields. Oh well, lets see where this goes….


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Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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