Things to Do While Waiting for the Patch

Play Desktop Tower defence
Check Add ons
QQ about rogue buffs you haven’t even seen yet on forums
Look at the download bar and then sigh to yourself


Make up a blog post
Try to do some work but get very distracted because IT’S PATCH DAY!
Check MMO champion (again)
Read The Chive for the 12th time
Penny Arcade
Play Plants versus Zombies
Read the papers. World ending economic collapse and revolution in Greece? Meh, It’s patch day.
Feign interest in Wimbledon beyond the non butch lesbian ladies tennis.

The fascinating world of ladies tennis. Wheres my patch?

Daily Mash!
Check Download for the 15th time
Stare at wall
Bite nails

and do on and so forth.

Love patch days 😀

About Joe

Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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