Random Words – you can only do this once, apparently.

Yeah, so I kinda set myself the task of blogging every so often without fail.

However I’ve sat down and come up with bupkis. Nada. Nix. Nihil. Nowt. Zero. I’ve blankly sat staring at a blank screen for inspiration but nope, blank it is. In newspaper publishing the phenomenon is well known, and they allow each writer one chance at writing the “I don’t have anything to write about” column.

So here is my version…..

My thoughts this morning.

Even stealthy is no help. An invisible horse on a blank background looks a lot like a blank background with no invisible horse, to be quite honest. Also, he is on holiday in Dun Morogh visiting Vanishy the Ram.

I mean it’s not like I am short on topics…..raid leading, firelands, comedy screenies, the beauty of uncertainty in internet communications (no that doesn’t mean I hate/love/want to stalk/buy your products from you, people.) Meh, anyway.

This is my post about not posting.




About Joe

Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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