How To Apply To a World of Warcraft Guild

Hopefully you will find this of interest – things to do and not do when applying to a world of warcraft guild.

1 ) Saying you are ace, the greatest player in Wow’s history is a big turn off. If you’ve slain 13/13 on heroic mode but don’t currently have a guild or want to move guilds it means either you have a knack of irritating others or you purely are chasing epics. Also don’t say this if it’s lies.

2 ) Saying your current guild is rubbish is also bad juju. Major fail this one. If you’ll say it about them, you’ll say it about the people you are applying to once you find somewhere better to move onto. Even if your guild is rubbish, shhh!

It can "come around" somewhere else, thanks all the same.

3 ) INVAIT ME TO U GUIOLD!!! Looking up the guildmaster via armory and then drooling out some half assed demand is going to get you put on ignore, not invited.

4 ) Spell correctly. I am a terrible typist in gane. I frequently miss whole words! But if making an application to someone elses guild I’d make sure it’d be as well spelled, punctuated and used as good a set of grammar as I knew how. Please do the same.

5 ) Be honest! Saying you are heavily into BG pvp so that you can get into that raid guild in the hope of eventually getting a spot in a raid is foolish. You’ll maybe get an invite as pvp achieves and more guild XP is nice to have but once you start agitating for a raid spot you’ll be revealed as a liar and cause headaches all around.

Einstein can't understand your app either.

6 ) Be clear and relevent. Name, Class, Level, Hours you are available to do whatever it is you are applying to do. After that personal stuff if it’s required or you want to. If you want to ramble on about your love of Ugandan Hamster farming, Hardcore Jazz/Funk or West Virginian Tobacco Kangaroos in the hope of finding a like minded soul, leave it til the end of the application so it can be safely glanced over without anything major being lost by the uninterested.

7 ) Answer any questions you are asked fully and honestly. Does the guild want to know your PC spec, connection info, guild history, inside leg and average heartbeats per minute? Get it down, precisely.

8 ) Remember you are armory checkable if applying to a more serious guild. Benediction combined with tier 6 priest gear does look badass, but it’s not going to do you any favours when you are looked up on the armory to see if you can go raid with your would be guild. Same goes for spec on this one – be relevent to what you are applying to do. Two pvp specs can be frowned upon if you are aiming to raid. Get yourself in the right gear, have it gemmed, enchanted “correctly” according to Elitist Jerks before you log off.

Alan Sugar also hosts "The Apprentice" in England

9 ) Apply to a few guilds or only one guild at a time. No one likes being choice number 5. It makes good sense from your perspective to shop around, but if you are applying to a social guild in particular it’s a hefty blackmark. But how will anyone know? Well, because (get this, right) people talk to each other a lot. Especially on well established servers.

10 ) Remember that the people who you are applying to do not know you. At all. As in so much of modern life, the marketing you do of yourself is as important or more important than your actual ability at the start. Check your app for in-jokes, cultural references, slang and the like before you send it in and get rid of it.

Super special bonus tip – ask to join in on something to see if you are going to get along. Grabbing a HC or doing a BG with people you want to spend some time with in the future, performing quietly and expertly and maybe being a little humorous and friendly while you do it goes a long way.


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Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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