Wow Loses 600k Subscribers, Patch 4.2 Incoming

WoW Lost 600k Subscribers, down to 11.4M
Activision Blizzard’s earning call was today and we learned, among other things, that the WoW playerbase is down to 11.4M players. That’s 5% less than before the expansion and it seems that players went through the Cataclysm content faster than expected.

Blizzard also promised faster release of new content and expansions during the call.

Gotta say I’m not surpised. For all the old world revamp, the endgame is a little light in size compared to the previous expansions. Blizzard’ve tried (and largely succeeded) in dragging out this raiding tier by making it a lot harder than it’s wrath equivalent, but overall there is less to do at max level than in either TBC or wrath. If farming level 15 badgers arses for a second time in geographically altered starter zones or the in game lore isn’t your thing, at any rate.

I am going to hit you for 1500% of your health because I want your arse. Oo err missus!

And the back to the future theme continues with a return to fighting Ragnaros in the firelands. I hope to god he doesn’t melt weapons this time around, that was a bloody awful mechanic. 4.2 has a new zone, new factions, new raid, old raid boss yadda yadda and new armored gear – which will need chaos orbs to craft so farm em up. No news on new 5 mans, though.

Sadly, there is no news on rogues getting stealthy the wonder horse. I’ll have to spam official forums more often, I guess.


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