ZG Walkthrough

Hells bells. This place is seriously overtuned if you want to go in as a guild for the loot. Seems to me that the HC luck of the draw buff is more or less mandatory to clear the place without an already epic tank and healer.

Or maybe we suck – fanbois do let me know, I do love your comments.

Bosses –


Green. So very, very green. Tank has to move for the breath of hahshahshahsha or whatever it’s called. Most of his casts are interruptible, toxic link isn’t – this links (no, really?) two players with a line of poison. These two players then run away from each other and the link breaks. Which triggers green, green aoe. He also slaps down a maze of poison.

After you’ve punched his troll form a bit, he’ll swap to a snake and do breath of hahshahshahshah again. After that he goes off to pray and extremely green poisons trailers will wander around after 3 players. Avoid them and you get to punch him again. Soloable by some tanks.

The Venoxis fight in all it's glory

Bloodlord Mandokir

DING! Comedy fight, this one really. He’ll randomly one shot 1 member of your group by removing their head from their shoulders, who will be rezzed by ghost from around the sides. His pet raptor Ohgod will eat the ghosts. Dps mandokir, stun/slow/kill raptor, DPS Mandokir, win. Easy.


He got me good....

Edge of madness.

Two elements to this – wandering around for half an hour finding the right artifacts and then killing a very easy boss of some sort. Dps boss, avoid stuff on floor, laugh if you get Renataki and he one shots the healer just before he dies…win. This fight combines all the fun of losing your car keys with a boss that induces narcalepsy.

High Priestess Kinara.

Black panthers everywhere. Is this 1970’s Baltimore? I think it is. Very rough fight this one, take the panthers out around the room first, then dps her down or you get zerged. The trick is to interrupt her casts to save healer tears without dpsing her too much as you do so.

Forrest Gump is still really, really, sorry.


Avoid Zanzils fire. Use frost cauldron on the big add, fire cauldron on the little adds, poison cauldron when he uses poison and interrupt his casts. It’s all colour coded for the xbox generation, too. You’ll see…..

Jin’do The Godbreaker.

Has very, very sore arms as he’s been holding them outstretched all day to keep Hakkar enslaved. Phase 1 – stand in green bubbles when he casts shadows of hakkar, dps him down. Stage two – use big bezerker adds to break the chain protections by having them body slam next to said chains (do this by running to them when he targets you for a slam.) Dps the adds that constantly threaten to zerg the healer, nuke three chains – win.

Pretty tricky without the HC buff, imo.

You to can enslave gods with only 21 days of shoulder exercise!

Was a fun place, but as I said seemed overtuned (even more so than ZA was) for the people who would actually want to go and get gear from it. I ain’t seeing many 346 tanks and healers getting through it all minus the random HC buff, myself.

Have a good one,


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