Zul’Aman Walk (Stagger) Through – Wow Patch 4.1

Well, we went and had a ramble through good old zul aman. This took me back to the good old TBC daze – where we missed the bear by two minutes twice in a row. Back then we were in Vendetta and were running 25’s and 2x 10. The bear run is back, but I don’t think we are gonna be doing it any time soon.

This is the first image I got when I googled"gong." Enjoy. πŸ™‚

De de dee….

Gong boss is back, but has been nerfed 😦 or maybe it’s because Vol’jin is 78.7% more awesome than Harrison Jones. We were – Tankadin, Frost DK, Boomkin, Destrolock and Holy priest, we walked in through the portal rather than queued because not all of us had the gear level required – no DPS was over 10k for very long at any point – we still cleared the place once the tactics were known.

Eagle Boss – Cake. 1 wipe while the “wrath babies” learned it. Mechanics are the same as TBC, added a snowy eagle that sods off with a party member, but this is about as powerful as pee wee herman post cinema arrest so no issue. Kill eagle, hide under cloud, win.

Eagle'jin also has his own line of keep fit DVD's.

Bear boss. Annoying trash just before him, seriously annoying the first time. Very easy for the tank or DPS to run off and people get flattened from behind. The totems have to be nuked. On the boss itself – Rotate who is furthest away, pop CD’s, win.

Lynx boss. No lynx effect here. Kill boss, kill totems, kill add, kill kill kill. Cakewalk. he hits hard, apparently. I have no personal experience of this, having been safely moonfiring my ass off 30 yards away. πŸ™‚ Main thing was the amount of time it took to dps him down (we had no HC buff.)

Sadly, this isn't a feature of the Lynx Boss. Or real life when you smell like a malfunctioning petro-chemical plant. Sod off, advertisers!

Dragonhawk boss, let’s call him Ralph. 2 shotted. Same as in TBC, but looks a lot prettier! Kill a handler, leave a handler, aoe, healer dispells fire debuff, avoid huge bright orange line of fire, win.

Hex Lord Maltesers – the adds change if you fail to kill him, each time. Just a small note so you don’t try to sleep the belf like I did. πŸ˜€ He mirrors your party – so watch for whatever you’ve got. moonfire is particularly nasty as it stacks – dispel ftw here. Adapt to whatever you are facing, win. I cba going through it all.

DaakaaaaaraaaaaaaAAAAAH! The end boss. Utter bastard at the DPS level we were at and the party composition we had. Bear phase was easy enough (same as the other bear boss, rotate ranged) but the eagle phase was hell. There is a debuff that hits casters for 12k whenever they cast anything. Everyone bar one was a mana user, and without the HC buff healing was basically pointless. 8 wipes until we finally collapsed over the finish line. I did this later with rogue and just stood there and killed him with no issue and took naff all damage. I’d imagine it’s the same is true for hunters and warriors.

Also /mourn Zul’jin.

Entertaining place – everyone enjoyed this one to one degree or another. There was some slight exasparation at the loot – it seemed to us that generally the people who would need to farm this place for gear wouldn’t be able to. πŸ˜€ The trash seemed to be the sticking point more than most bosses, but it won’t be too bad once the pulls are learned. I ain’t pugging this for a while though….lord no. With guildies and vent, not so bad. With random europeans, party silence and GOGOGOGOGO huntards, no thank you.

Gear - too small?


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