Patch 4.1 Commentary

ZA and ZG – classic raids returning are ace. Keep it troll!

Can swap honour for JP and vice versa. Fairly nice, if only there was something to buy that didn’t take less time to farm.

Resilience will no longer scale exponentially. My warlock is sobbing but I can see why they have done it.

Rated Battlegrounds

* The achievements to win 100 rated Battlegrounds have been renamed to “Veteran of the Alliance” and “Veteran of the Horde”, and now award those titles. Good luck with that.
* Achievements to win 300 rated Battlegrounds have been added, awarding the “Housebound” and “Saddo” titles to the Alliance and Horde respectively. Lots and lots of luck, in fact.

Death Knights

We love you guys! ❤ Dark Simulacrum now works on numerous additional spells in dungeon encounters. You can now become a giant squid in throne of tides, shatter the whole instance in stonecore and develop bubblegum pink hair anytime you fight gnomes.


While we love deafknights, we are seeing you guys on the side. Remember that motel in June? We love you, furry baby!

Druids now innately have 100% pushback protection from damage while channeling Tranquility. And free cake every single day in the mail.


Are any of you still playing? Wow. Anyway – New pet added, Masochistodon. Using a stegosaurus model with horn mounted lazers, it has 400k armor, 1500k hp, hits for 16k per second normally and does thresh – a non movable dot that starts at 10k and stacks to infinity. Spawns once a week @level 1 with no abilities next to the busiest auctioneer. Initial model is critter sized.

Masochistodon also comes in avacado.


Arcane missiles has been fixed. Again. Fire mages now have a single button “ghostcrawlernova” which means an instant win in arena.


Paladins have been totally redesigned once more. They are still uber and still have a mana bar in the same way that max payne is constrained by time but all the abilities have been renamed and been given new icons. Holy power has been removed and is replaced by pollly hour.


Muhahaha. That is all.

You'll see,'ll see.


Same as in 2006. Just like every other patch. Vanish has been fixed. Again. Due to QQ from low level gankees, BG QQ times for alll rogues are now instant.


Why aren’t you guys playing paladins yet? 😦 We’ve tried everything.


Dark intent has been redesigned because we want to break up your bromance with shadowpriests. Sorry guys, but we are eyeing up the SPs for when we dump druids for leaving hairs in the bed. To make up for it you will be getting a demon version of masochistodon in addition to your normal pet. /brofist


Charge and Intercept no longer have diminishing returns on their stun effects.
This is not a joke. Well it is, but it isn’t mine.

Dungeons & Raids

The Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms will now identify which class role is currently the least represented in the queue, and find some guy who has never done it before, never got any gear and isn’t properly talented to do it for you, in the hopes of ruining your day.


The Ring Of Valor has returned! Once again players can get stuck at the bottom of a big pit while their other team members get massively owned due to being outnumbered.

Up there the sky is blue, and your buddies die in the sand.

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Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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