Welcome to Debonair!

Debonair is a social/raid World of Warcraft guild on Zenedar/EU, though if you are reading this you probably already know that.:)

So why am I telling you? Well …… I’m not a great writer so it’s a ham-handed segue into outlining exactly what I mean by social/raid guild!

Our primary focus has always been on the interpersonal aspect of the guild first and foremost and on the raiding and clearing content secondary. It’s probably worth pointing out why and where that philosophy comes from. Originally many of us were in one of the larger raid guilds (back when BWL, MC, AQ etc were the raids of choice) with it’s attendant drama, loot issues, arguments and all the rest of it.

This is very, very stressful for pretty much everyone and turns what could be fun into something kinda turgid with brief spells of cheer when the loot finally arrives. Now I don’t know about you, but I prefer the constant giggles of a cheerful band of players working together to get things done and accepting it might not work out to the MMO equivalent of working in a large corporation where you can be fired at any time…

Some volcanic lightning, yesterday.

Which is how most of us ended our adventure with the large raid guild. (I’m not naming names cos that guild is still around, but the new runners of it are decent enough guys and don’t need the bad press.) Towards the end of vanilla wow about half the guild got kicked with no warning overnight as the march towards 25 mans from 40 mans began. That sucked. In game and social ties built up over months and years severed because some douchebag wanted an easy time getting his purples, without the hassle of sorting out an equitable  system going forwards. Feel the love.

Never, ever say something like this to Silverstorm.

Not being entirely stupid, some of us had seen this coming and started a nascent barebones guild just in case. And we had a blast with it. Vendetta is still there on a skeleton crew, run by the very fine guys Hanir and Symbiotic. Vendetta raided 25mans, had 2x kara and 2x ZA runs going at the same time, did TK, Hyjal, some BT and that kinda thing (never made it to sunwell.) When wrath came along the old guild was pretty bloated with alts and so the then GM Cailean (cowgod of hunters and an incredibly nice guy) shifted us over to this fine abode, Debonair.


The sheer ease of wrath content took all of us by surprise, and a lot of the impetus for having a guild drained away as people just started to pug everything instead. No harm in that, we just made new chat channels to keep track of everyone. We also downshifted to mostly running 10 mans at that point, with a co op 25 man once a week through wrath. Almost cleared Yogg before ToTc. Totc we cleared with good time to spare before ICC and yes, we are Kingslayers. (Woo- hoo!)

The thing I am most proud of is that in all the years we have been going, we’ve sorted out our problems with the minimum of fuss. Our kick total since the start of TBC is about 5 people. One of those turned out to be a guy with mental health problems who had stopped taking his meds, and another one of those is still in the friends list for a lot of us. (Gaz, we love you still and I am glad we parted maturely.)

Watching you!

What does this mean to you though, oh potential guildy?

It means we pick who we take on with a fair modicum of care (it might not always look that way, but we do.*) So if you are applying to join us, please be advised that most of us are long time friends (we guild meet IRL twice a year at least) and this is our home away from home. If you are just looking for some easy epix!111 and/or like to give people needless grief in game because you can’t control your temper, move right along. We’ll spot you from mars and your app will be rejected.

But, if you are a nice guy or gal and want to be part of a band of brothers and sisters, we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

*except that time I took on someone who claimed to be darth vadars dad, just to see what would happen. It worked out.:)


About Joe

Guildmaster of the social/raiding World of Warcraft guild Debonair on Zenedar EU.
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  1. STAMPE says:

    WHAT IS THIS YOU SAY ABOUT CAPS? IT IS CHEERFUL AND HAPPY PLEASE :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) CAPS IS FRIEND OF MINE, WHEN FRIEND IN NEED IS NEEDED, CAPS IS THERE, CAPS. <3<3 (WHY NO CAPS ON HEARTS?!)

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